Henna Tattoo
Get a beautiful henna tattoo and pick a design from various different styles of henna such as indian, arabic or bridal designs. 


Visit us:

At The 400 Market Booth 2100 (Artisan Baths & Designer Henna Shop)


At Essential Healing Touch located at 19430 Yonge St, Holland Landing. (Booked appointments only) 


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Henna Parties
Bring life to your party by having our henna artists come in for your special event. 

Hand Packages: start at $30

Feet Packages : start at $30

Bridal Henna Packages Start at $200

Bridal Shower Packages start at $170

Baby Shower Packages start at $170

Birthday Party Packages start at $150

Please Call Us for more info or email at info@designerhennashop.com


Henna Boxes
Choose the design and message for your own customized henna box, designed to your preferences.

mehndi candles

Henna Candles
Decorate your home with henna by placing these specially henna designed candles. Keep the beauty of henna on more than just your skin. 

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